How can my family afford camp?

Cost is always a major factor when considering attending a family camp! Here are a few ideas that you may find helpful:

1. Check for scholarships (examples: your local church; or a conference if your church belongs to one).

2. Check whether you can pay your fees in 2 or 3 installments rather that all at one time.

3. Check whether there is a discount for early registration and/or for paying your fees in full by a specific date. If so, take advantage of that!

4. Great gift idea… camperships, $$ toward registration fees (parents, grandparents, relatives often need Christmas or birthday gift ideas… suggest this to them!)

5. Combine a $$-gift with something that can be used at camp (suggestions: a disposable camera & small album for photos of the event; a beach towel; a water toy; a cap or t-shirt; a book to read; a puzzle book, a journaling notebook, etc.)

6. Designate a “loose change jar” in your house for coins–they add up faster than you might think!

7. Try a family fundraiser (buy a box of mini M&M’s tubes; eat the candy; then save quarters in the empty tubes–a tube holds $14’s worth of quarters!) Ask friends and relatives to help!

8. Are your kids old enough to babysit, mow lawns, do odd jobs? Teach them to set aside a percentage of what they earn to go toward their camp fees.

…perhaps these ideas will prompt you to think of other ideas to help make your camping experience more affordable. ) I would be interested to know if you come up with additional ideas that work for you 🙂

One Response to How can my family afford camp?

  1. Tamber says:

    I thank you humbly for shranig your wisdom JJWY

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