Why is family camp ministry a good thing?

In 1983, when another couple and we started a family camp ministry near Dayton, OH, we felt we were doing it with the intent to help families connect with other families who were experiencing similar family issues… we were looking for a safe environment where Christian morals and values were upheld…  and, we wanted God to be in the midst of it all. Here in 2009, the goals have remained the same. The world around us may be constantly changing (and not always for the better) but the desire to connect with other families in a Christian environment with God as our focus has not changed. Families are pulled in so many different directions today, that sometimes it is a relief to get back to the basics of life! Whether you can create a way to bring families together for as long as a few days or for only a short weekend, the time will prove to be well worth the effort, and families will typically go away begging to come back for more!

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