Top 4 Things You Need to Know To Get Started

When presented with the opportunity to start a camping ministry for the family back in 1983, we really didn’t know where to begin. There were no “how-to books” out there, so we mostly had to get creative, and we also “learned by the seat of our pants.” We certainly didn’t do everything right the first year… nor is it probably even possible to get it all right these 20+ years later. But, we have learned a lot in the interim, and thus the reason for the book “Reconnecting Time: Planning Church Family Camps.” The book is divided into the 4 major things that will need to be addressed when starting such a ministry: 1-An ABC summary of some of the basics you’ll need to consider… I know, it may seem “elementary” at first, but sometimes ministries fail because we haven’t put enough thought, prayer, and Biblical reasoning behind them first. 2-A Time To Plan… this gives you all the examples, samples, and how-to’s for getting started without having to feel like you need to “reinvent the wheel.” 3-A Time To Dream… this gives you 4 fully-developed themes to get you started–ones that have already been used and were successful. 4-The Top Ten Lessons Learned From Family Camp… this is our own personal summary of highlights that we’ve experienced while doing this ministry, and the reasons we can say it has all been worthwhile when day is done. Whenever given a ministry opportunity, it is always good to reflect on what has transpired, and to pull out those “Kodak moments” that will make a lasting imprint on your mind for a lifetime! My hope is that this can be your experience as well! (Click on the picture of the book in the corner of the screen to discover more info about it).

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