When God Shows Up!

Today I’m going to share what can happen when God shows up and provides a way for something to happen, when practically speaking, it appears there is no way! The Family Camp we have been involved with for 26 years was in jeopardy of closing down at the end of this year’s event. Going into the event, the staff was aware that many of the key leaders were stepping down (i.e. Directors, Treasurer, Registrar, Music Director!) But, hey, 26 years is an outstanding run, so we were all praying for either a direction to move forward, or a peace to put it all to rest!

Some of the staff had to quit mid-year because of a shift in job status. With the economy the way it is, the staff felt the attendance would be down this year anyway, so by unanimous vote, we decided to continue through this year’s event, knowing we would be operating short-staffed. The praying began!!

Guess what… 98 people registered for Family Camp this year, with 30+ being first-time campers! That was a “first” for that many new campers! It had been decided to gradually inform the participants day-by-day, in a variety of ways, that if the camp was to continue, additional leadership was needed. My daughter and I collaborated ahead of time to work out short job description explanations and came up with a sheet that looked much like the classified ads in a newspaper. By day 3 of this 5-day event, we posted the sheets on the back side of the bathroom stall doors. Eventually, people had to see them!! As people read them, they began to “feel a stirring”—and it wasn’t gas!

By the 4th day of the event, a team of four adults stepped forward to say they would volunteer to become a Directors’ Team, pulling on the strengths that each of them could bring to the table. Another man with Treasurer’s experience, having served as Treasurer for other organizations, said he would be the camp Treasurer. His wife had already spoken to us about becoming the Registrar BEFORE her husband mentioned about being the Treasurer!  A newly-married young adult (husband of a gal who had grown up attending family camp) volunteered to become the Music Director (he plays guitar and has served as a youth director in a church in the past). All of these key leadership positions were filled by the end of the 4th day!

As an extra bonus, our daughter’s boyfriend served on a leadership team to run a “Give Camp” weekend this summer. This is where computer programmers come together for a weekend to help set up web sites for non-profit organizations who haven’t a clue how to go about that process. Great strides were made by the Give Camp volunteers to get a web site set up for Family Camp. Before long it will be ready to “go live”, and I will blog more about the website at that time and let you know how to access it for more information about what this Family Camp is about!

Bottom line is… the entire staff felt very humbled as we began to realize how God had honored our faithfulness and prayers regarding this Family Camp matter.  We had known all along that this was way bigger than us to figure out, and God would have to show up and take us by the hand if things were going to move forward. He did just that, and far surpassed all of our expectations! here it is September, and the camp staff is already in the midst of planning year 28!! Amazing!! Just amazing!!

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