Coming Home

The “seasons of life” seem to take us to different interests at different times in our lives. At one point I was excited about blogging, and spent much time doing it. Then “life” happened and I seemed too busy to sit still long enough to blog. Within 2 years, all three of our adult children got married, and now we have 2 grandchildren. My husband and I, being late 60’s/early 70’s, are taking advantage of every opportunity we have to see them and visit with them, so we are “on the road a lot” these days! When it came time for renewal of my blog, I had to take a serious look at whether I wanted to continue with this or not. I would still like to blog about “Family Camp” one of my favorite subjects, near and dear to my heart… and this event is still going, year 32! Incredible! We are no longer Directors, but are still Advisers, and very much still connected with this ministry. But, my daughter pointed out that I do not need to blog totally about Family Camp. I often post things on Facebook that have touched my heart in a meaningful way,  and that I feel are worth sharing. So, this morning, I’m going to post one such thing on this blog. Maybe this short “thought for the day” will also touch the heart of someone reading this blog.  Here goes:  “I do not want to pray for tasks equal to my power, but for power equal to my tasks! My desire is not just to do different things, but to do the same things differently, with freedom, joy, and excellence!” This is what I have now committed to for the coming year with this blog! We’ll see how it goes! Hope to hear from some of you in the days ahead!

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