Imagination Station

Being an “out-of-the-box” thinker myself, I am very aware how the imagination can take a person most anywhere! Today I read how “God can use our imaginations to give us a picture of His future for us, but with one qualification: that we seek Him with all our hearts. We become what we envision. Prayer is the time to let God paint the mind picture of what we are to be and to do!” 

Never would I have imagined in 1983 that my husband and I would become Directors of a summertime 5-day family camping ministry that would touch so many lives in so many ways. Not in a million years would I have ever imagined I would write a book about such an experience and it actually be published! We “retired” as Directors of this event several years ago, and even moved two states away, but we are still actively involved with it. And, I am over-joyed to report that the ministry is still alive and well today–32 years later.

What has kept it so vital? A LOT of  “out-of-the box” thinkers who aren’t afraid to be in touch with their God-given imaginations and seeking Him with all their hearts for where He wants to take the ministry. Here is a taste of where the imaginations took us with one of the theme ideas a few years ago:

Theme: “GPS For The Family” (G-od’s P-erfect S-olution); Song Ideas: “How Far The East Is From The West”, by Casting Crowns and “Signs”, by Michael W. Smith; Family Take-Home Memento: (Craft) – Decorate License Plates (the license plate frames w/cardstock insert to decorate where the license numbers would have been); Tee-Shirt Stenciling: Traffic signs, vehicles.

Worship Session Ideas:

1) Do a Time Travel … GPS messing up, thought we were going to Nevada, and ended up in Nineva, etc. (Drama possibility: A reporter interviewing each traveler who got lost on his/her journey)

2) Use “travel scriptures” to build a lesson around: Numbers 9:23-traveling by divine instructions; Numbers 33:1-48 – Listing journeys; I Samuel 17:20 – Early morning departure;  2 Chronicles 15:5- Unsafe to travel; Job 36:3 – Travel expands knowledge; Jeremiah 6:16 – Find the good way; Matthew 2:12 – Altered travel plans; Luke 2:1-5 – Nativity journey; John 7:1 – Jesus avoided dangerous travel, and LOTS more!

3) Parallel how we are guided by a GPS with how God guides us through life:

a) GPS “speaks to us”, giving directions; God “speaks to us” through prayer (Rom 8:26), the Bible (2 Tim 3:16), circumstances (I Peter 3:15), and the church (I Cor 12:12-31);

b) GPS maps out the best roads to take; the Bible maps out the best course to take in life (Rom 6:23; Micah 6:8)

c) GPS gives us “u-turns” (recalculating) when getting off-course; God gives “u-turns” to get us back on track in life (Jer 6:16; I Peter 5:10; Rom 8:28)

d) GPS tells us where we can find food (restaurants); God tells us where we can be fed (Matt 6:11, and other bread of  life scriptures).

It’s amazing how it takes but a few thoughts, prayed over and unleashed by God, to get a team of folks running full steam ahead. The 2014 theme is “CHRISTmas in July: it all began with a Family!” Just imagine where that one will go! Find a good time to stop and pray today … and get in touch with your imagination station. It might even put a smile on your face  Have a wonderful day!

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