Happy New Year!

The new year is almost here… again! My how time flies! I love to rhyme, and ran across this rhyme that I thought worth sharing, “God divided our life into years… To free us from our past tears… He gives us a New Year’s inning… To offer us a new beginning… He opens His forgiving heart… And provides a fresh start… He is always faithful and true… So joyous New Year to You!” (Couldn’t have said it better myself!) Have you thought about a new year’s resolution yet… perhaps something new and different you might try for the coming year? Here is something I started last Jan 1st, and plan to continue. I took my Christmas card list and made a copy of it, then cut apart the individual family names, and put each family’s name into a baggie. Each day I draw one out and say a special prayer for that family. After all they are ALL my friends or family or they wouldn’t be on that list. If you don’t have a Christmas card list, perhaps you can do the same type of thing with your cell phone contact list. Have a happy new year!

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