About the Passion

Have you ever done something (in your personal life, or spiritual life) that was a passion in your heart for a long time, but now it has turned into a major job for you? …and your greatest desire is to recapture what fueled earlier days? Maybe you’ve even prayed about it but God is silent. Consider that in such times of “silence” God may be preparing you for the next step in life’s journey. So, the key would seem to be “stay connected” with the power source (God), and we will eventually recapture the flame in our hearts again one day!

I have definitely felt this way many times in life, especially through the different ages and stages of the journey. In younger days, when I had more energy and my family was younger, Family Camp was totally my passion (as you will see if you read some of my older blogs). There have been different times in my life when a particular ministry in my local church was where God seemed to drive me to pour my time and energy. But, over time for various reasons (health, life’s demands, personal concerns, outgrowing something, etc) passion for some things began to wane. What one day was my greatest passion, had practically become a burden.

But, in retrospect, as I ponder such times, I can see through those peaks and valleys that God was still at work. He was just getting me ready for another phase of life… sometimes in my personal life, and sometimes in my spiritual life. During those times of “waiting”, when God seemed silent, He must have thought I needed a longer time of growth/training to be ready for the next step! Whew!

My husband and I have asked ourselves many times, “What can God possibly have in mind for us at this stage of life?” Then a new passion has seemed to surface recently… an email Bible study! We are currently a part of a small, aging congregation, it’s winter and we don’t like to get out at night, but we’re still seeking connection with one another and with God. So, we’re going to give it a try! For starters, we’re using the book of John (21 chapters), for 4 weeks… reading 1 chapter per day Monday – Friday (with one extra chapter the 4th week), then posting our comments on a group email on the weekends. We’re using the SOAK method as our guide for study (soaking in the Word of God!). SOAK is an acronym for ‘S-cripture (finding a specific verse or two that stands out), O-bservations (commands/promises from God, and questions we may have),  A-pplication (applying the scripture to our life… actions needed? are we struggling with something?), and K-neeling (in prayer–if we can). I will share that this method is not an original idea. You can find more about how this works by going to http://womenlivingwell.org  Even though that website is showing how this works in a women’s group we are adapting it in our small church to anyone who wants to participate. So, all of that is to say, I’m feeling the passion in my heart once again…. until the next thing comes along! Hope those of you who are reading this will find a spark rising in your hearts as well!

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