Down On The Family Farm

March 16, 2015

When I first began to blog, my intention was to post thoughts and ideas to help others who are seeking to lead family ministries, more particularly family camps or retreats. My husband and I helped to start a family camp 33 years ago, and it is a very successful ministry yet today. We are in more of an advisory capacity now, but some of the themes and ideas from the past are “jewels” that should be shared. Today I am going to share 10 of the brainstorming ideas that surfaced at our initial planning session for this summer’s coming event: 1) Theme: “Down On The Family Farm”; 2) Programming Ideas: Farm-related planting/harvesting type lesson titles–“Prepare/ Plant / Produce” (a website called “” looked to be helpful for children’s lessons/activities); and such scriptures as the Parables, in particular, looked promising for Intergenerational and/or adult lessons; 3) Family Craft: a wooden clock cut in the shape of a barn, with small wooden animals that can be painted and glued on the front of the barn; 4) Tee-Shirt Stenciling: using a theme title stencil as well as farm animal stencils; 5) Family Farm Olympic Activities: a) decorate “pig balloons”, tie them to participants’ legs at ankle level, and try to pop others’ balloons without getting your own popped; b) a dress-up scarecrow race; c) sack races using actual feed bags; d) (kids) pedal-tractor races; 6) Hee-Haw Family Variety Show: complete with a couple of folks doing a “Back Fence Chat” periodically; 7) Hay Wagon Ride: using actual horses to pull the wagon; 8) Set up a petting zoo: with small farm animals; 9) Family Bluegrass or Square Dancing; 10) Farm-related signage: with the following signage around the facility or grounds where we are meeting: a) “Farm House”–where we are lodged; b) “Feedin’ Trough”–where we eat; c) “Hoe-Down”–square dance; d) “Pig Pen”–Mud Slide area; e) “Waterin’ Hole–Pond; f) “Cement Pond–Pool; g) “Serenading”–Singing; h) “Shootin’ Range”–Archery. In the future, I will try to post more of the “best of the best” ideas from some of our past events. There is nothing more rewarding than passing along ideas that can be used and enhanced for other events. May God’s blessings be on you as you plan programs and activities for the family.